This website was run on a volunteer basis from 2008-11. Unfortunately It is no longer active due to other commitments.
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Less annoying than the TaxPayers’ Alliance. This site was run on a volunteer basis and is no longer being updated.

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What they say about us

“One thing we do know: the TPA is selective with its figures. It has also refused to attack tax avoidance, which defrauds us all. Turn instead to an excellent alternative - The Other Taxpayers’ Alliance - for ‘fair taxes not lower taxes’.”
Polly Toynbee, The Guardian

“Three cheers for The Other Taxpayers Alliance. This small and welcome web-based campaign has been created to scrutinise the TPA’s challenge, on behalf of the majority of taxpayers who don’t think all taxation is bad.”
Sunder Katwala, General Secretary, Fabian Society

“The smart thing about this is that it’s funny. Signs of life on the left after all in this campaign?”
Gaby Hinsliff, Political Editor, The Observer

“At last, what the web has been crying out for: a site that gives the awful Taxpayers Alliance a good going over.”
Adam Lent, Head of Economic and Social Affairs, TUC


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