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10 essential responses to a dismal Budget

We were going to write our own Budget summary. But then we became too depressed. Fortunately, the blogosphere did the hard work instead – here's our list of gold-plated posts:

The fairness test

Howard Reed, Tim Horton and Sunder Katwala's detailed analyses show how the Budget comprehensively defeats the Coalition's claims of fairness.

Devil in the detail

Anthony Painter, Richard Murphy, Don Paskini and (on this website) Heather Wakefield look beyond the headlines to uncover some very unpleasant facts – though Richard did at least also find a small glimmer of anti-tax avoidance hope.

Lies and statistics

Chris Dillow and Hopi Sen explore the misleading assertions behind and within the Budget.

Pain without gain

Ann Pettifor and George Irvin warn of the dire consquences of the drive to austerity.

Have we missed something essential? Let us know.

Posted by Other TPA at 03:45pm on 24 June 2010
Tags: Cuts,Deficit

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This blog, by Lisa Ansell is a brilliant piece, explaining eloquently how the new cuts will affect her as a single parent. It is hard to dismiss this blog as just a raving leftie moaning about the cuts because she so clearly shows how the cuts go against someone who is trying very hard to stay in work and look after their child.

Posted by Rosannablabla at 04:03pm on 24 June 2010

Thanks Rosanna… - that is a really powerful piece. The link you left didn’t work for me but I found it here:

Posted by Other TPA at 04:10pm on 24 June 2010

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