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Anti-EU ad leaves the facts behind

Next time you go to the cinema be prepared for nauseating stereotypes and cringeworthy humour. No, it’s not Sex Lives of the Potato Men 2 but the TaxPayers’ Alliance’s new cinema advert, “Ten Years On: Britain without the European Union”.

The advert is based on research by Lee Rotherham, whose book you can order at TPA expense. We’ve reported on the lamentable standard of Dr Rotherham’s research before, and we’re pleased to see the excellent Left Foot Forward have published a point-by-point rebuttal of the claims in the ad. They say:

“Their claim that the total cost is £2,000 per Brit is so misleading that Left Foot Forward has lodged a complaint with the Advertising Standards Agency and urges readers to do the same. The true net contribution is closer to £15 per person per year.”

You can complain to the Advertising Standards Authority via its website, and LFF have written a model complaint.

TPA campaign director Mark Wallace discusses the strategy behind the ad at Total Politics, and provides food for thought for those on the left as well as the right. This may not be the last big screen foray by the TPA. You have been warned.

• See also: Adam Lent at Touchstone

Posted by Other TPA at 04:44pm on 20 November 2009
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Yes - I’d seen their very generous offer of a book, and thought about taking it up if only to save some other poor sod from getting that copy. But what to do with it that’s useful and eco-friendly? I don’t have a wormery that needs compostible paper, or a hamster in search of bedding, so can only think of using it to prop up a wobbly table - they surely know all about things that lean dangerously to the right…

Posted by Johninnit at 05:09pm on 20 November 2009

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