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Mitchell and Webb: Tell us what you reckon

David Mitchell and Robert Webb outline the thinking that inspired the government's Spending Challenge website.

Hat-tip: Alix Mortimer.

Posted by Other TPA at 10:08pm on 15 July 2010
Tags: Spending Challenge

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Dive right in, get lost in the heady opportunity to be hidden between Peter Cook impersonators. There is no limit to the stupendous opportunity to see your bias for or against anything at all being seriously considered by some civil servant, probably a member of the the Tax Recipients’ Alliance, or the Other Tax Recipient’s Alliance if they are from Hackney, before being condensed into a report and seriously reviewed by Junior Ministers, another Tax Recipient. Just imagine the final report and go for it. How about a 65 miles per hour speed limit, or no more custodial sentences? Think of the cost to the government of its vehicles travelling at 70, or staffing prisons for that matter. Have fun and do remember that some of the the best ideas are Sven’s, from Swiss Cottage.

Posted by Football Tax at 12:21am on 16 July 2010

You know, what is sad about it (she said, becoming all boring) is that there *are* perfectly reasonable ideas buried in there, based on exactly the kind of micro-knowledge Chris Dillow was talking about. One of the first ones I saw was a suggestion from a prison officer about the unnecessary amount of light and power laid on all night in prisons.

And we can, of course, vote these things up and down. It wouldn’t take much organisation - just a board to collect links to the decent ideas, and training to prepare you for getting past the Osborne video. I bet there are more of us than the batshit crazy reckoners.

Posted by Alix at 08:50am on 16 July 2010

“I bet there are more of us than the batshit crazy reckoners. “

When I say that I mean “on the internet, caring enough to do something about it”. Obviously not in society as a whole. But that’s their problem.

Posted by Alix at 08:52am on 16 July 2010

It’s a good idea to ask people about their opinions, and what they think, but they way they’re going about it does make it seem worryingly desperate. But the fact is, they are desperate. ConDem have cracks appearing all over, and they seal them with blabber from Dave and Gideon abut how everything is hunky dorey.

Posted by Tom at 03:38pm on 18 July 2010

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