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The Astroturf Alliance: taxpayers, citizens, drivers

The TaxPayers’ Alliance is expanding its empire. We reported recently on its new civil liberties campaign, Big Brother Watch.

But what of the curious beast that is the Drivers’ Alliance? Its founder, Peter Roberts, organised a 1.8 million-signature Downing Street petition against road pricing. He’s also one of the few non-millionaire members of the West Midlands TaxPayers’ Alliance Council.

But while the TPA includes the Drivers’ Alliance among the odd list of organisations that make up its “Alliance Members” page, there is nothing on the Drivers’ Alliance website to hint at its link to the TPA. And the link doesn’t end with Peter Roberts. As this recent job ad shows, the organisations share staff and resources:

Policy Analyst
Drivers’ Alliance, in partnership with The TaxPayers’ Alliance
Salary: Competitive

The Drivers’ Alliance is a non-partisan organisation which works in partnership with The TaxPayers’ Alliance to explore the economic and social benefits available from personal transport, the environmental and safety issues relating the use of motor vehicles and the wider environmental policy debate…

We are currently looking for someone to join us who will be based in the London office of The TaxPayers’ Alliance. The post will include a mix of research, media, parliamentary and campaigns work…

Responsibilities will include:
• Producing authoritative research, under the direction of Matt Sinclair, including significant quantitative work.
• Supporting the DA in the area of communication and media by preparing press releases, and eventually appearing in media interviews and at parliamentary briefings.
• Representing the DA in meetings and transport related conferences…

To apply please send a CV and covering email to Peter Roberts (peter.roberts@ and Matt Sinclair (matthew.sinclair@

A litre of petrol to the first journalist who manages to quote the TPA, Big Brother Watch and Drivers’ Alliance in the same report.

Posted by Other TPA at 11:52am on 15 September 2009
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I’m not sure that the TPA approve of litres. What about a gallon?

Posted by Clarkson at 12:18pm on 15 September 2009

I like the little graphic on their website - If you don’t like the Congestion Charge, the alternative is a sharp turn to the right…

Posted by John at 02:11pm on 18 September 2009

Why can’t lower taxes be fair taxes? Surely it is not essential to spend as much as this government does.

Posted by Jason Penn at 06:19pm on 1 January 2010

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