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Gove’s legacy: scrapped playgrounds

Irresponsible child in playgroundThe government, worried about bad publicity, has backtracked on plans to scrap free school milk. Instead, new playgrounds will get the chop. Sorry kids, that Big Society we were telling you about just got a little smaller.

And what form of words did Education Secretary Michael Gove find to announce this cut?

"Play has to make its contribution to tackling the deficit along with other important programmes."

My initial response would be entirely inappropriate to a post about children's play, but Tom Watson's phrase comes close enough. Gove, you miserable pipsqueak!

• Watch Channel 4's news report for more details of Gove's letter.

Letter from Michael Gove

Posted by Other TPA at 12:20pm on 12 August 2010
Tags: Cuts,Education

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My description of Mr Gove could not be published but this reminds us that Thatcherism is alive and kicking.
These pronouncements and actions that are swirling around brings bitter memories of the 80`s and latter years of her dictatorship.
May I also comment on to other aspects of these matters, firstly would they have dared to say prior to the election that they would deliberately target children`s Play Areas and secondly, do the Lib Dems not realise that Mr Gove singlehandedly is condeming them to electoral disaster because they are obviously supporting these issues.

Posted by George Cooper at 09:55am on 13 August 2010

The Lib Dems are a spent force now.  They nailed their credentials to the Tory flag to get into power.  They don’t seem to understand how much of their left of centre support they are loosing every day by propping them up.

Targeting children, the sick and the infirm shows us nothing us has changed with the Tories.  They are as nasty as they always were.

Society is built on the ability to function together providing institutions and support we all pay for.  It is not built on individuals working in isolation and to the betterment of private companies.

Children needing playing areas is as important as teenagers needing places to go in the evening.  Society requires we all provide for each other rather than supporting a few fat cats in banks who aren’t paying back their dues.

Very sad turn of events.

Posted by Leslie Roberts at 06:16pm on 13 September 2010

To the Tories [and to many Liberals] play is what you did with nanny in the “play room”. Play is what you did on your estate in between long terms at Eton and Winchester. To many parents outdoor play areas are a useful place to relax with their children, to meet other children, a break from tower blocks and houses without gardens. They are safe areas away from cars and pollution. But the mean and nasty parties wouldn’t understand that.

Posted by bill major at 05:11pm on 15 September 2010

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