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Keeping tabs on the tabs

Tabloid Watch does a great line in disassembling sensationalist news reports. It recently came up with this league table showing how many times the TPA was quoted by national newspapers over a two-week period this summer:

Mail - 28 times
Express - 28
Telegraph - 20
Sun - 12
Star - 11
Mirror - 9
Times - 4
Independent - 3
Guardian - 1

Go check out the blog yourself - two other good entries referencing the TPA are “Express front page inspired by Littlejohn” and “PCC rejects complaint against Mail story, despite the evidence”.

Posted by Other TPA at 11:31am on 27 August 2009
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An indicator of just how much “churnalism” infects even the broadsheets, especially the rightist mouthpieces of the Tory party and its backers. All to easy for pressured, someties lazy hacks to respond to their paymasters prejudices.

Posted by James Hodson at 12:23pm on 29 August 2009

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