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“One hand on the wallet, one foot on the accelerator”

Hmm, who would you trust on the issue of speed cameras? The TaxPayers’ Alliance and its astroturf partner, the Drivers’ Allliance? Or RoadPeace, the charity that supports crash victims, campaigns for safer roads and is transparent about its finances?

RoadPeace has blasted the TPA’s latest anti-speed camera report. The organisation says the TPA’s analysis is “inappropriate”, “biased” and “botched”, and concludes:

“In this broadside against speed cameras the TPA show their true colours: if their concern were really taxes, they would see the revenue raised from camera fines as a welcome shift of the tax burden from the innocent to those who break the law and endanger the lives of others; despite their reams of statistical tests that supposedly back up this press release, they lack either respect for or knowledge of data analysis and are unconcerned with evidence.

“Beneath a banner of public interest and dressed in the trappings of science, TPA pursue an agenda of self interest and obfuscation. The price will probably be paid by others but there will be blood on their hands.”

Read the full response to find out how the TPA filtered its figures.

And if that fails to convince, check out the excellent FullFact website, which challenges the lazy assumption that speed cameras are simply “cash cows”.

Posted by Other TPA at 10:45am on 10 July 2010
Tags: Drivers Alliance,TaxPayers Alliance,Transport

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There’s more on the TPA’s dodgy stats here:

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Posted by Other TPA at 05:25am on 16 July 2010

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