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Pensions: gold plated vs tin foil

Other TaxPayers’ Alliance Update: 6 March 2009

Question: What does Sir Fred Goodwin’s “gold-plated” pension (£700,000 a year) have in common with the average local government worker’s “gold-plated” pension (£3,800 a year)?

Answer: Absolutely nothing, except calling them both “gold-plated” is a convenient way for groups like the TaxPayers’ Alliance to tar everyone with the same brush.

As the public service union Unison points out, its members’ pensions might more accurately be described as tin foil. The real problem is that the private pension model is broken, but instead of dealing with that, the free-market fundamentalists have suddenly become fans of levelling down - so we all get to enjoy the same lousy retirement.

Fred the Shred vs an NHS nurse: who gets too much pension? - David Osler

Don’t blame the public sector for catching the fat cats’ virus - Polly Toynbee, Guardian

TaxPayers’ Allliance gets it wrong - again - Unison

TPA Stupid Quote of the Month

Daily Express coverIt’s been tough judging February’s entries for TPA Stupid Quote of the Month, but the award has to go to campaign manager Susie Squire for helping the Daily Express excel in its true role of making the Daily Mail look intelligent:

“Binyam Mohamed has already cost the British public quite enough without the luxury of private jets. A cheaper way should have been found to bring him back. This man is not even a British citizen, and yet is going to continue to be a massive financial burden on law-abiding taxpayers in this country.

“We’re in a recession and people need money to feed their kids, not foot the bill for chartering planes and round-the-clock surveillance.”

Terror Suspect Flown to Britain on Private Jet, Daily Express, 24 Feb 2009

Balancing act

Not all Tories approve of the TPA - see Daniel Moylan’s assault at ConservativeHome:
TaxPayers’ Alliance: Insidious anarchists or dangerous dictators?

And we can’t accuse the top civil servants’ newspaper, Whitehall & Westminster World, of lacking balance. After commissioning Matthew Elliot of the TPA to write their “Minister for day” column, they approached us. It’s a tough job being Lord Mandelson, but someone has to do it:

Minister for a day – Clifford Singer, Whitehall & Westminster World

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