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Radio clash, public relations and pensions envy

The Other TaxPayers’ Alliance Update: 15 Dec 2008

Last week saw the TaxPayers’ Alliance being challenged over its claims to be independent. The group’s Campaign Manager, Susie Squire, appeared alongside Labour parliamentary candidate for Streatham, Chuka Umunna, on Nick Ferrari’s LBC breakfast radio show.

TaxPayers’ Alliance challenged on LBC radio, 14 Dec 2008

Aside from that, we had to - as usual - rely on the blogosphere for any critical analysis:

The Taxpayers Alliance attack council PR
TUC Touchstone Blog, 12 Dec 2008

Pensions envy
Labour and Capital, 10 Dec 2008

Challenge the anti-tax lobby
Clifford Singer, Compass, 2 Dec 2008

Posted by Other TPA at 02:58pm on 15 December 2008
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