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Some citizens are more equal than others

I recently wrote for Liberal Conspiracy about the TaxPayers’ Alliance’s forthcoming civil liberties campaign, Big Brother Watch.

Guy Aitchison summed up the view of several commentators: “The more people fighting the cause the better in my view, especially if it’s more people from the right. People who get involved with the TPA campaign may be coming at it from a different angle ... and I don’t think we should greet it from the start saying it’s illegitimate because of TPA’s views on x, y and z…”

So why am I still cynical?

Here’s one reason:

• “These people may be criminals and should be treated as such…


Posted by Other TPA at 10:39am on 15 September 2009
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That Express photo caption wasn’t strictly necessary.

Posted by Malcolm Y at 12:21pm on 15 September 2009

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