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Taking a break

Apologies for the lack of recent updates, which unfortunately is due to family illness.

Hope to be up and running again soon.

Posted by Other TPA at 05:29pm on 20 April 2010
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Hi Cliff

Sorry to learn of your family’s troubles. Please pass on my very best wishes for a full, speedy and complete recovery.

Families come first.


Posted by Brian Smith at 10:14am on 28 April 2010

Hello Cliff

Hope you’re getting on OK. Some of the top of my head thoughts on last night’s outcomes. (In no particular order).

With the Labour and LibDem (plus most of the “others”) results in, it’s clear there is still no national consensus for a small state, low tax, self-reliance political ethos. If Cameron takes up the reins he doesn’t have a mandate to do so. The LibDEms campaigned on a socialist platform - basically not very different from Labour’s - and I don’t see how, that being the case, they can support/work with the Tories.

Labour’s payroll vote in Scotland is a real problem. Should such a tiny electorate be able to over-rule the much bigger national electorate? Labour’s votes in Scotland are justifying whatever diminishing claim they may have to remain in Number 10. Can that be right?

The ScotNats have no mandate even in Scotland where their share of the Scottish vote was very little different from the Tories. (SNP as popular as the Tories?)

Green suport has massively declined - and they were out-voted by both the UKIP and BNP! - just as they win their first Westminster MP. How does that work? Fascism more popular than Greenery?

Electoral reform; where to begin? Do we start with constituency sizes and numbers and see what effect that has next time? Or do we go for a change to the first-past-the-post system? If so, to which format?

Is the electorate ready for their MPs to be chosen not by local democracy (however flawed…) but from national lists supervised by the likes of Mandelson, Whelan and Campbell. All non-elected and all with very dodgy track records.

Is the electorate ready to constantly re-elect the same government over and over again just varying the various permutations of tired old placemen and women in it; as happens everywhere else PR rules?

And finally; don’t we want and need to know who to blame? If Labour or the Tories come to power but screw things up - and that has been the inevitable outcome for ever - we know who is responsible and we can vote them out. If we move to PR and “elect” governments of all the no-talents, who is in charge? Who messed up?

Interesting questions for the referendum?

Posted by Brian Smith at 01:29pm on 7 May 2010

Sorry to hear of your family’s troubles. 

I just popped over, since the usual suspect (TPA) has raised its head in favour of the Lib-Con cuts so far…

Posted by Aliqot at 03:21pm on 24 May 2010

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