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The TPA brand detoxified

Other TaxPayers’ Alliance Update: 2 April 2009

"I am the TaxPayers' Alliance!"This is getting confusing. When we launched the Other TaxPayers' Alliance we thought we were up against just one TaxPayers' Alliance. Now we realise there were two.

How have these two alliances ended up working as one? Perhaps the TPA resembles a prudent savings institution fused with a crazed investment bank - and in order to detoxify its brand it must dump its toxic assets. Always keen to help, we've identified six of those assets for free (we couldn't in any case accept payment from an organisation that is so opaque about its finances):

We're not sure that it gets us any nearer to a Real TaxPayers' Alliance, but it's got to be worth a try.

TPA Stupid Quote of the Month

From the Daily Star, 20 March 2009:

"Mark Wallace of the Taxpayers’ Alliance called for a freeze on public recruitment and pay till the Government sorts out unemployment woes in the rest of the country.

"He said: 'It is crazy to have more and more public sector workers while huge numbers of private sector taxpayers are losing their jobs. For ordinary people facing pay freezes and redundancies it is an insult for the public sector to carry on creating jobs.'"

Posted by Other TPA at 01:08pm on 2 April 2009
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