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Top 10 blogs

There’s been a spate of “top 10 blog” lists in the political blogosphere recently. So here, in no particular order, are mine (or, at least, my-top-10-blogs-based-in-the-UK-and-with-an-economic-bent):

And don’t forget the mighty Liberal Conspiracy - more of a blog of blogs and so not included above.

Apart from a few of the contributors to the Touchstone and Next Left blogs, the above are all men. Is that a comment on economists? Bloggers? Me?

Posted by Other TPA at 05:56pm on 27 July 2009
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Crickey. I’m very flattered to be included in anyone’s list ( if only my Mum had a blog….), but especially amongst such a high quality field, many of whom I voted for myself.

Posted by CharlieMcMenamin at 06:52pm on 27 July 2009

Me too Charlie

Thanks Cliff!

Posted by Richard Murphy at 03:25pm on 28 July 2009

And thanks from Touchstone too.

Posted by Nigel Stanley at 03:41pm on 28 July 2009

And thanks from me.

Posted by Duncan at 04:31pm on 28 July 2009

I’ve just discovered - because I’m a bit slow - that the workers occupying the Vestas factory on the isle of Wight have their own blog. Is it too late to suggest that it would be a nice gesture to for for them if you haven’t already voted?

Posted by CharlieMcMenamin at 10:03am on 29 July 2009

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