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TPA: Experts on child abuse, sentencing, plumbing…

It’s a dilemma that every journalist has faced: stomach rumbling, mates going down the pub, but still in need one more quote to polish off that story. So we sympathise with the Sun’s Guy Patrick, assigned to the thoroughly unpleasant case of a woman given a suspended sentence for leaving her young children at home while she went on a 24-hour “drink-and-drugs binge”.

Guy could have gone to Barnardo’s, NSPCC, Kidscape, or one of the many organisations concerned with criminal justice.

But then he thought: “Sod it – I’ll call the TaxPayers’ Alliance. This story’s got nothing to do with tax or public spending, but they’d give me a quote on astrophysics if I asked for one. Best of all – they’re quick!”

Ten seconds later:

This sentencing beggars belief,” said Mark Wallace of the TaxPayers’ Alliance.

Job done. Dinner. Drinks all round.

In the film Demolition Man, cryogenically frozen prisoner Sylvester Stallone awakes in the future and is taken to dinner at Taco Bell. “All restaurants are Taco Bell,” explains host Sandra Bullock. Does a similar fate await journalism? One day all sources will be the TaxPayers’ Alliance.

Posted by Other TPA at 11:41am on 18 November 2009
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no doubt everyone will have their belief beggared by the antics of an immigrant/wesley snipes hybrid.

Posted by Joe at 02:25pm on 18 November 2009

I thought the TPA were an anti-tax firm but it seems they are diversifying into the profitable anti-EU and anti-liberal judges markets as well.  Maybe they have plans to establish another party in the increasingly crowded hard right sector. Well, they do all claim to love competition.  The more the better I say.

Posted by Adam Lent at 11:03pm on 22 November 2009

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