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TPA funding - we’re closing in

We're closing inTomorrow’s Guardian includes some important revelations about the TaxPayers’ Alliance’s funders. The newspaper reveals:

The Guardian has done an excellent job in its lead story and background feature, but there are still gaps in our knowledge of TPA funding. Some of the revelations are based on the TPA’s own statements but the alliance refuses to publish its accounts.

In particular, we suspect the millionaire members of the Midlands Industrial Council have given more funding, either through the MIC or directly - not least because three MIC millionaires are on the governing council of the West Midlands TPA.

There is a simple way for the TaxPayers’ Alliance to end this speculation: come clean about its funding. Or does it still have something to hide?

Other posts on TPA funding and the Midlands Industrial Council:

Posted by Other TPA at 11:57pm on 9 October 2009
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I’m not quite sure what the point of your site is: are you saying, in “fairer taxes, not lower taxes” that you want either:

(1) Taxation to be even more sharply progressive than it already is?
(2) Everybody ought to pay the same amount of tax regardless of income?
(3) in saying “not lower…”  do you mean that the average individual UK taxation burden should actually rise?

Is it wrong to live in farmhouses in the Loire region, or anywhere else that’s nice for that matter? Would not all you people like to do that if you could? Perhaps you do, I do not know. Furthermore, if Heath is not domiciled here for taxation purposes, then why do you want him to pay UK tax? He is already paying EU tax via France, so what’s the difficulty? It all goes to the Brussels-Hegelian-Gravy-Train either way. You have not proved yet that he is not paying any tax whatsoever, so your subliminal implication that this might be the case is unproven.

Posted by David Davis at 08:29pm on 27 October 2009

Or is the implication of your site that you would advocate a “flat tax”? By which of course everyone means a single absolute percentage that everybody would pay, regardless of income?

Now _that_ would be a fairer tax! Yes?  No?

Posted by David Davis at 08:31pm on 27 October 2009




Posted by mdc at 03:07am on 28 October 2009

David Davis - the answer is (1) except the current system isn’t “sharply progressive” because of the regressive effect of indirect taxes.


Posted by Other TPA at 09:57am on 28 October 2009

While I’m not in anyway conected with this website, I think the point is, Mr Davis, that for someone to start opining about the use of British taxes - like Mr Heath - you would expect him to be paying, er, British taxes. I can’t really start complaining about the use to which the French government puts its tax revenues, because I haven’t made any contribution to those revenues. You ask why he should pay UK tax when he doesn’t benefit from UK tax - the logical response is why is he so concerned about the use of UK taxes when he doesn’t pay any? I am a UK tax payer and am personaly delighted that wealth is shared through a fair taxation system. I also think it valid to draw attention to the fact that someone so evidently averse to the continent of Europe lives in, er, continental Europe. Hope that clarifies everything for you Mr Davis - glad to be of help.

Posted by High rate UK taxpayer at 06:33pm on 6 November 2009

I’m pleased that someone is starting to expose the workings of the “Taxpayers Alliance”. The name of this organisation is misleading and smacks of hypocrisy, given that the director is clearly not a UK taxpayer.

I signed up for their newsletter some time ago, believing them to be broadly representing my views as a UK Taxpayer. Over time, it’s become apparent that they do not, especially in terms of environmental taxes, or taxes on the super-rich. I un-subscribed.

I think it’s important that the information on who they are is made more widely available. They seem to be an organisation with a degree of power and influence - they certainly have a strong media presence. I find it worrying that their name implies an organisation looking after the concerns of UK taxpayers, when it so clearly is not.

Posted by Phillip at 05:14pm on 9 November 2009

Having just watched a debate about the upcoming cuts in public expenditure, I can only agree with Phillip’s comment above. The comments made by a representative of the “Taxpayers Alliance” was quite the opposite - not at all representative of taxpayers. The name “Taxpayers Quango” would be more apt.

Posted by Phil at 10:37pm on 9 September 2010

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