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Two simple words: “right-wing”

The Other TaxPayers’ Alliance Update: 13 Jan 2009

Welcome to 2009. Richard Murphy at the excellent Tax Research UK blog gets off to an early start, reminding us that “tax freedom day for some arrives on the first day of the year”:

And Don Paskini takes the TaxPayers’ Alliance to task for their mean-spirited (that’s the nicest term I could think of) condemnation of one council’s support for volunteering:

Here’s a couple more blog entries that escaped our previous update:

Andreas on the TPA and primary schools curriculum:

Carl at the TUC Stronger Unions blog on TPA vs trade union legitimacy:

Finally, full marks to the Shoreham Herald for its reference to the TPA in this sympathetic piece:

Why? Because it prefaced “TaxPayers’ Alliance” with “right-wing”. We’ve been monitoring the many references to the TPA in regional and local media and the TPA’s hard-right stance is barely mentioned (in fact it’s never mentioned - except in Shoreham).

More typical is the North Wales Daily Post’s reference to the TPA as a “citizens’ group”:

Posted by Other TPA at 03:17pm on 13 January 2009
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