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Posted by Other TPA at 01:44pm on 19 November 2009
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The one in the left hand column is for me.  The other one is socialist nonsense

Posted by Mark Hendy at 02:10pm on 19 November 2009

‘Socialist nonsense’? Heh… another out of hand dismissal of a realistic and fair system by someone who is evidently completely ignorant to the basics of fiscal management.

Posted by George Harris at 07:02pm on 19 November 2009

Any site that annoys right-wing yachtsmen and business persons like Mark Hendy gets my vote!!

Posted by Chris Bartter at 04:59pm on 26 November 2009

I don’t consider myself right wing.  I do however believe that it’s not the place of pressure groups to criticise the salaries voted for and approved by the shareholders of private companies.  Frankly, the remuneration level set by shareholders is no ones business but the shareholders and the office holder.  As for advocating higher marginal rates for “the super-rich” which I assume is measured in terms of income rather than asset wealth by the “other” TPA, this is a discriminatory policy which serves only to drive the productive classes to flee the pillage of the state.

Posted by Mark Hendy at 05:26pm on 26 November 2009

You may not consider yourself right-wing. I quite accept that.  But, blimey, other people might…

Posted by CharlieMcMenamin at 12:18am on 27 November 2009

Who are the unproductive classes? Are they the ones we want to stop breeding?

Posted by DaveBoyle at 01:24pm on 27 November 2009

So, TOTPA has an annual income of £0.  Hardly surprising then that if finds it easy to come clean about the identity of its donors.  No one.

Posted by Senorviva at 02:08pm on 27 November 2009

Mark, your claim that higher marginal taxes for the ‘super-rich’ may cause the flight of entrepenerial talent sounds plausible in classical economic terms. But in reality, there are barriers to entry and exit from markets which prevent such behaviour. I would imagine that a substantial portion of the super-rich as defined by TOTPA do business, make profit and in deed reside in this country. Granted, it may make short termist portfolio investments from businesses abroad appear less attractive causing balance of payments problems, but this will be offset by the repatriation of domestically accrued capital held in foreign accounts.

That said, I think these taxes need to be carefully means tested and applied strategically for businesses and people that can afford it. I also think it important for some of this revenue to be used to subsidise promising and sustainable industry to generate growth and employment, e.g. alternative energy.

Posted by George Harris at 05:57pm on 27 November 2009

Hi Cliff

Hope you’re well and not too lonely - or dissipated - in your office, staffed/operated, apparently, with 0 people.

There does seem to be a creeping degree of openess coming from the “other side” as this quotation shows

“We are also immensely grateful for the invaluable support provided to us by Avanta, and their Chief Executive David Alberto, who have generously been providing us with free office space since last summer.”

All the best

Brian Smith

Posted by Brian Smith at 10:35am on 27 February 2010

Well - it made me smile!!

Posted by Jon Harvey at 02:08pm on 23 June 2010

Keep it polite please - anything abusive will be deleted. Thanks.

Posted by Other TPA at 05:24pm on 25 June 2010

I dunno; we just nudge up to the root of the nub of the crux and then it all goes to pot as people resort to name calling and other rudeness.

I for one would like to get the drains up on Mr Harris’ assertion that socialism is “a realistic and fair system “.

I don’t think it is; realistic or fair, that is and it would be nice if we could debate this in an atmosphere of calm contemplation to some sort of meaningful conclusion. What are the chances eh? About the same as England beating Germany on Sunday? Not that good I reckon. Sadly.

Posted by Brian Smith at 06:40pm on 25 June 2010

Oh the ‘talent’ argument again !  I love that one !
Taking it to its logical conclusion, almost all the most ‘talented’ people in the country must work for financial institutions in the City.  So one is left to ponder - how did it all go so wrong with all this ‘talent’ on board ? 
Maybe, just maybe, they’re not the most talented after all - just those the most interested in (their own) financial gain.

Posted by Matt at 01:38pm on 5 September 2010

if you have no income, how do you pay for the website?

Posted by fair view at 10:31pm on 12 January 2011

its funded by unite and unison

Posted by matt at 02:05am on 9 February 2011

“its funded by unite and unison”

No it isn’t. Would be nice to have some funding though. If you weren’t just a troll you’d know this site has been dormant for four months.

Posted by Clifford Singer at 06:01am on 9 February 2011

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